Tickets info

As you already know, the 6th edition of the Festival is postponed from July 21 to 25, 2021!
For all of you who bought tickets, here is a detailed explanation of what you can do!



Tickets bought for this year’s edition are valid for the next year. All of you who are already in possession of the Elysium Island Festival 2020 ticket, can attend Elysium Island Festival 2021 and without any additional costs. To confirm your ticket for 2021, follow this link and fill out the requested form:

Those who will not be able to attend next year can still TRANSFER their tickets to someone else. This you can do only after you validate your ticket for 2021.

The deadline for transferring tickets to another name is May 31st, 2021 and you should write to


We thank everyone in advance who wants to donate their ticket! Your support means a lot to us and will help us overcome the crisis more easily.

For those who also want to help but are not able to donate the entire amount of the ticket cost, there is an option of donation along with the ticket refund (read more bellow).


Although ticket refund is not common for our policy, we have made an exception. For those who choose a refund, each register ticket will have the full amount paid for each ticket, minus Hadra’s fee and 1€ Paylogic fee.

The deadline for ticket refund is limited - refund requests will be accepted only if they are sent within 30 days, starting today. After that, the ticket will be transferred automatically to the next year, with the possibility of ticket holder transfer.


** Our sincere advice is to keep the ticket you bought and if you are not able to come next year, transfer it to another name, since the ticket price for 2021 will be higher.

» There is also an option to request a partial refund + make a partial donation of 10% or more per ticket.

» ! Please, bear in mind that more refunds mean more problems for the organization, so we kindly ask you to use this option thoughtfully!

For confirming the ticket for 2021, making a donation or requesting a refund, please follow this link and fill out the appropriate form:

Keep in mind that you have 30 days to finish this process, after that your tickets will be automatically transferred to the next year.


For those who bought tickets from our ambassadors, the policy is the same: you can keep your ticket for 2021, request a refund, or make a donation (full or partial). To do that, please contact your ambassador directly via e-mail!


Take some time and read the full statement about the tickets policy and how you can help!


Presales for the 2021 edition will resume as soon as the situation allows.


» Membership subscription at Elysium NGO starts on Tuesday, November 12th 2019.

» Elysium NGO memberships are limited, divided in four periods and two categories : Regular and Discounted.

» As soon as Elysium NGO memberships from one period are sold out, we move to the next period of presale.

Discounted tickets valid for passport holder from the following countries : Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Romania and Bulgaria.

Please note that the passports will be checked at the gate. People with the wrong kind of ticket will be asked to pay the difference with the price at the gate.

» Elysium NGO membership is issued in electronic form as an "E-Ticket" and include free entrance to ELYSIUM ISLAND FESTIVAL 2020 and access to campsite of the festival as well.

Price at the gate : 110,00 €

Number of visitors is limited to 500

E.I.F. 2020 Ambassador’s pre-sales will be separated into TWO phases

» 1st Ambassador’s PHASE: 65,00 € + ambassador fee, from February 9th, 2020 until May 6th, 2020

» 2nd Ambassador’s PHASE: 75,00 € + ambassador fee, from May 7th, 2020 until July 21st, 2020

Free entrance for Australia passport holders!